Fun is What We Do

When families in our city imagine El Paso’s fun places, they’re usually thinking of places for kids to have fun at. Yes, that may very well be true but adults are also looking to have some fun as well, especially when it involves their kids and rest of the family.Birthday Parties El Paso

There is place in town that allows everyone of all ages, and yes even adults, to have fun. Jumpland Trampoline Park has several different trampolines located within its indoor structure for countless hours of fun. No matter what age or height you may be, there is something for everyone to do.

One of the many trampoline areas that they have is a slam dunk basketball court. This is one is very popular for those who wish to imitate their favorite dunks and basketball stars. It’s not surprising to see many adults in this area of the park.

At one point most of us who have played sports, particularly basketball, have wanted to dunk at some point. But unfortunately we do not have the hops to get up to dunk the ball on a regulation basket. But this place allows your dreams to come true and you can even take it upon yourself to have your very own dunk contests with your friends and family.

For more information about El Paso’s fun place, feel free to contact us here at Jumpland Trampoline Park. You can call us at 915.298.0142 or visit us on the east side of El Paso at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr.

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Add Some Fun To Your Memory Book

Often when it comes to have El Paso fun, the weather is going to dictate what people will be able to do. If it is raining, windy or too hot outside, then some things will be crossed off the list. But some indoor activities may not allow you to do as much. So the problem that is left to solve is what can you do for fun? Well luckily there is one place in town that allows you to have fun, without limitation of being indoors…

Jumpland Trampoline Park is one of El Paso’s newest places to have fun. The whole area, which is located indoors, is covered with trampolines. It gives everyone a chance to get airborne and do things that you cannot do anywhere else in town. But one of the great things about this park is that you can get exercise as well.

When you first enter the park and start jumping around, it probably won’t even cross your mind that you are exercising while having fun. By jumping around on the various trampolines, you are burning calories. And in a hour’s time, you will have probably worked up a sweat. So basically you are getting a two for one special here. You are having fun with the entire family but at the same time, getting your workout on. And isn’t that what we all want, exercising and having fun at the same time.

For more information on why Jumpland is one of places for El Paso fun, you can call us at 915.298.0142 or visit us on the east side of El Paso at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr.

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El Paso’s Fun Place

New Place to Have Fun in El Paso

Our city is expanding and improving with each passing year. There are more ways to have fun in El Paso now than ever before. Jumpland trampoline amusement park is the very first of its kind in our city. There is something for everybody in our 20,000 square foot facility with 6 different jump areas throughout.

Our open jump court contains about 2000 square feet of fun. There are multiple interconnected trampolines to bounce off of all around. We also have an area for trampoline dodgeball. You can try out your flips in the foam pit court. We also have a court with basketball hoops in case you want to get some air on those slam-dunks. For our more advanced and adventurous visitors, our supreme jump court trampolines have more spring, giving you more air than any of our other courts. But don’t worry; there is still something for our tiniest guests to enjoy in safety. We have our kids jump area for our under 42” guests to play and enjoy themselves.

Safety is a priority for us here at Jumpland. We are fully staffed at all times to ensure the best security for our guests. We also have cubbies and lockers available upon entering the park to keep your personal belongings protected.

We are open everyday of the week and late on weekends. Our hours extend during school breaks and holidays seasons. Walk-ins are welcome, however, during our holiday seasons, it is recommended to make your reservation in advance to ensure your spot. It is best to arrive with your party 20 minutes in advance to allow time for check-in. We are the newest place to have fun in El Paso, so our tickets sell quickly, and make great for a fantastic birthday party environment.

A one-hour jump is only $12 and $7 for every additional hour after that. Groups of 10 can reserve a table for $20 per hour. We also offer a 10% discount for any group larger than 15 people on Mondays through Thursdays. Reservations can be made online or you can give us a call at (915) 298-0142. We are conveniently located in East El Paso at 1691 N Zaragoza Road. Come on in and have a blast, guaranteed!

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El Paso’s Fun Destination

Look No Further For El Paso’s Fun Destination

Why waste precious weekends not exploring new and exciting places for your whole family to enjoy? El Paso is rich with culture and history and there are plenty of places around the city that will be a great experience for everyone. However, there is a place in El Paso that is unique and different than all the rest. Here on the East side of town, we have the only indoor trampoline park! Jumpland is El Paso’s fun destination. Your friends and family will always be welcome to enjoy the most of their facility.

They offer multiple rooms with trampoline areas that are interconnected across the room. Each room is unique and different than the rest and you will be able to enjoy new games and sports in each room. You and your family can play dodgeball in their dodgeball trampoline room that is sure to make dodgeball a much more exciting game when you can jump and dodge! They even provide an area specific for you little ones, those too small to play in the regular areas. They can safely enjoy their trip to Jumpland with foam materials in toddler safe jump area.

There is no doubt that safety is a big deal for everyone who comes to enjoy El Paso’s fun destination will need to sign a waiver that is available for download online. Having fun is best when the security of your loved one’s safety needs are met.

Jumpland even provides an eating area for everyone to refresh themselves for more time jumping and having a memorable time.

If you would like more information on El Paso’s fun destination for you and your kids, then call (915) 298-0142 or visit us at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr. El Paso, Texas 79936.

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Jump For Exercise in El Paso

Exercise is extremely beneficial and it is truly something that when invested, yields high return. People who exercise are more likely to make better decisions, be in a positive mood, handle daily stressors better and have an overall higher quality of life. The body was designed to receive cardiovascular health in order to cleanse toxins from the bloodstream and encourage vital oxygen production in all areas of the body, especially el paso

Since adults and children are at risk for developing obesity due to a severe lack of inactivity, exercise is that much more important. Adults need to set a good example to their children in overall health and choosing to jump for exercise in El Paso is a fun way to do this. In this way, your whole family can simultaneously enjoy the benefits of better health together.

Jumpland is an indoor trampoline park that offers a large facility to jump for exercise in El Paso. You can get out of the rut of a boring workout routine and enjoy a workout with your entire family. They offer various large courts that have trampolines that are all interconnected and that even run up along the walls for added fun. The fun does not stop with that, they also offer special jump areas that are designed for trampoline basketball and dodgeball.

The trampoline is a great way to jump for exercise in El Paso because it requires the use of additional balancing muscles that you might not otherwise engage. Having to balance your body on any surface that is continuously unstable challenges your muscles in new ways and forces your body to burn more energy keeping you upright. Jumpland provides a place for the science of good health and fun to come together and jump for exercise in El Paso as a family.

If you would like more information on how you and your family can jump for exercise in El Paso, then call (915) 298-0142 or visit us at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr. El Paso, Texas 79936.

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What Is Fun in El Paso?

El Paso is a great place to raise a family. We have great weather year round and our culture is rich and inviting. Having fun in El Paso is easy whether you love the outdoors or the fun el pasoindoors. Our outdoor scene is one to take advantage of with our hiking trails leading up the Franklin Mountains from various directions, you are sure to be challenged. There are many great running paths for you and your family to take advantage of along the west side and by the Rio Grande river.

Since our weather is warm most days, it is always a great idea to take advantage of the many different city swimming pools and recreation areas that offer fun and exercise at the same time. When you want to have fun in El Paso, bring someone along. It’s always more fun to have someone to enjoy the city events with.

Families in El Paso can take their kids to indoor amusement parks when the outdoors is a little too hot. Jumpland is unique to the El Paso area and offers a great change to anything else. It has interconnected trampolines throughout various large courts for a variety of fun purposes. Your family can enjoy a game of dodgeball and some high-flying basketball dunking all by bouncing around on trampolines. It takes the game to a new level and can be a great workout for adults and kids. Jumpland is an El Paso fun facility where everyone can enjoy themselves while refreshing themselves with a drink from the snack bar located inside. Having fun in El Paso has never been this unique!

If you would like more information on how you and your family can have fun in El Paso, then call (915) 298-0142 or visit us at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr. El Paso, Texas 79936.

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Family Fun in El Paso

If you have children, then you know that it is more fun to join in with them in their activitiesdodgeball-fun-el-paso and they usually want you to be a part of the fun anyway. Fun for children and grown ups is expanding in various area of modern entertainment. Movies for children are usually worded in such a way that makes it entertaining for the parents who watch it as well. I have to admit wanting to go to a kids movie for myself more than my child. It happens.

Thankfully, there are also many places that foster an environment that is fun for children and grown ups. Places like Jumpland keep in mind that parents are really children at heart and it is exciting to participate with your kids and re-live some of those worry free childhood memories. Jumpland is a unique indoor trampoline park that welcomes everyone to come, jump and leave completely happy! They really know how to get everyone up and jumping on their large interconnected trampolines that extend throughout the large indoor court space available.

The trampolines even extend up the wall so that you can literally bounce around the room from wall to wall. This is truly an El Paso experience that every child at heart needs to experience. They offer a safe and fun place that is filled with a variety of different options, they have a large foam pit, a dodgeball trampoline court and even a trampoline basketball area. If you are ever wondering what new and exciting place will offer fun for children and grown ups, then don’t hesitate to try Jumpland out and see what a difference it is than anywhere else.

If you would like more information on how to have fun for children and grown ups in El Paso, then call (915) 298-0142 or visit us at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr. El Paso, Texas 79936.

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Birthday Parties Are Jumping at Jumpland!!!

Have Your Birthday Parties Here At Jumpland!Birthday Parties El Paso

If you are ready to celebrate a birthday party in El Paso, then why not try something different? Jumpland is an indoor trampoline park that is new and different than other birthday venues. Why not have your birthday parties here, where the facility offers multiple spacious trampoline rooms with various purposes. Jumpland offers their customers of all ages plenty of jumping options.

Their facility offers a large open jump area filled with conjoined trampolines that not only span the court but also fit along the walls at an angle. They offer a trampoline dodge ball court, foam pit, trampoline basketball court and an area uniquely tailored to young kids. Jumpland in East El Paso is proud to have your birthday parties here and is proud to be the first indoor trampoline park in the city!

What better way to provide for your next birthday party than at a truly unique venue. They successfully cater to the needs of birthday parties with private party rooms and large party areas available. For your convenience snacks and refreshments are always available within Jumpland. For the safety of everyone, a signed waiver for each person is strictly required and can be obtained for download and printed out online, signed online or in person.

Their friendly staff can help answer any birthday planning questions, reservations and suggestions for your loved ones to have the most memorable birthday ever. In order to get the most out of your time, please arrive for your reservation 20 minutes early to have everyone checked in on time. Keep in mind that no outside food or drinks are permitted, nor is any alcohol permitted at Jumpland.

Jumpland is ready to have your birthday parties here. For more information, call (915)-298-0142​ or visit us at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr. El Paso, Texas 79936.

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Looking to Have Fun in El Paso?

dodgeball-fun-el-pasoWays to have fun in El Paso for the whole family can be easier than you may think. Yes our city is spread out across the Franklin mountain range, but there are plenty of family friendly options all across town that are well worth the drive. Jumpland in East El Paso is a unique place that welcomes families to enjoy their indoor trampoline park. It features areas.

Open Jump

Is a spacious area of approximately 2000 square feet in size. Having fun in El Paso starts here with the wide open spaces of interconnected trampolines.

Trampoline Dodgeball

This area will show you dodgeball like you’ve never experienced it before. With the advantage of jumping to dodge a ball you will feel like a super hero.

Slam Dunk Basketball Court

Feel like an NBA all-star! Take your basketball skills and tricks to a whole new level! ​

​Foam Pit

Practice flips and aerials while landing in a soft pit filled with foam. This is sure to give having fun in El Paso a new meaning.

Supreme Jump

Area for intermediate to advanced jumpers, it is a place that is less crowded than the rest and where you are able to get more air in your jumps and practice your best trampoline tricks.

Kid’s Jump

This area will be the best fit for your young ones who shorter than 42”. So that no one in your family misses out on the Jumpland experience.

Jumpland is unique to the El Paso area and well worth the family drive if you are coming across town. You are sure to find fun in El Paso on those days when you need to get the family out.

Jumpland is ready to welcome you to a new and exciting way to have fun in El Paso. For more information, call (915) 298-0142​ or visit us at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr. El Paso, Texas 79936.

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Having Fun In El Paso, TX

having-fun-el-pasoThere is numerous ways for having fun in El Paso, TX. Families and friends can go shopping to the various malls in the area and there are several bowling alleys and a couple of theme parks as well in the borderland. But the truth is that those activities are the same thing every time you go. Sometimes you need a little excitement or something different. Well you are in luck, El Paso has a new way of having fun, and it is Jumpland.

Jumpland is an amusement trampoline park, the first type of park for the area since the 1960’s when there were three located in the city. The entire park consists of trampolines for kids and adults to play jump around.

An article posted by the USA Today back in mid-2011, talks about the growing popularity of trampoline parks. When this article was written, there were around 50 parks operating in 12 states and the revenue behind these parks was reaching $100 millions. Obviously those numbers have grown in the year and half plus since that article was written, but it just speaks to the expansion of trampoline parks in whole.

Jumpland is an indoor trampoline park that has over 10,000 square feet of space. It features six areas for having fun in El Paso, TX (open jump, trampoline dodge ball, foam pit, slam dunk basketball court, supreme jump and kids jump).

For more information on why Jumpland is one of the numerous ways for having fun in El Paso, TX, you can call us at 915.298.014 or visit us on the east side of El Paso at 1691 N. Zaragoza Dr.

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